Respect for people and the environment.

Casall has been a player in the market for fitness accessories and sportswear since 1984. The Swedish brand has never lost sight of the environment in the production of leggings, bras, tops and the like. We find the label's constant efforts to further develop the range with regard to the best possible sustainability particularly remarkable. By their own admission, a large part of the company's planning consists of brainstorming about smarter solutions for product design and manufacturing methods.  

Casall has high ethical standards every step of the way. What does that mean in concrete terms? A good example is the approach to choosing suppliers. Here Casall looks very carefully. A cooperation only develops if the values fit. Suppliers are also expected to commit to production with respect for people and the environment. No product contains chemical substances that are dangerous to humans or the planet. Instead, Casall works with innovative, particularly environmentally friendly materials such as bio polyamide, which was introduced in 2017.