Guppyfriend - Washing bag

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The Guppyfriend washing bag is the first pragmatic solution that prevents microplastic fibres from entering rivers and oceans through the washing of synthetic textiles. The broken fibres collect in the corners of the washing bag after washing and can be easily removed and disposed of.

Wash better! 

Because without Guppyfriend, countless microfibres from synthetic textiles make their way from washing machines into rivers, lakes, and oceans with each wash. Once in the environment, the microfibres concentrate pervasive bacteria and pollutants. They are consumed by aquatic organisms, which can result in gastrointestinal infections and blockages, reproductive problems, and starvation. Serious consequences are not limited to animals and nature.

The tiny plastic fragments threaten our own health: They enter our food and our bodies through the food chain.

Size: 50 x 74 cm
100% plastic-free packaging

Good Facts

Guppyfriend protects clothes during washing which slows down wear and tear. 

It protects the tiny plastic fibres from entering rivers and oceans. 

Guppyfriend is part of LANGBRETT, a collective of surfers that develop fair, local, and holistically sustainable clothing and footwear without compromises. 

With every purchase of the Guppyfriend Washing Bags, you support the non-profit organization STOP! Micro Waste to raise awareness and provide information to schools and educational institutions on how to keep plastic out of nature.

Produced under fair conditions in China without chemicals. 


Polyamide 6.6

The material is untreated, undyed and contains no additives. The fabric is made of monofilaments. These are more like sticks than threads and do not lose any fibres themselves.

Please do not wash warmer than 40°C.

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