Tackling the plastic problem at its root

Iron Roots was founded in 2017 and has since been on a mission to provide eco-friendly, plastic-free alternatives to mainstream sportswear. Over 90% of sportswear is made from some kind of plastic. It's cheap and easy, but the price the environment has to pay is high. In contrast, only natural materials are used in the running shirts, running shorts, leggings and co. from Iron Roots. The garments are made from eucalyptus, organic cotton, hemp and lyocell, among others.

This makes a real difference: hemp products, for example, emit around 60% less CO2 during the production process than polyester products and do not release harmful microfibres into the sea. Great importance is also attached to a fair supply chain and working conditions in the factories. Iron Roots only works with factories that are committed to fair production standards to ensure that the people who work there are treated well.