Performance without limits

OPEND founder Evelyne Wyss and her team spent almost two years perfecting the socks of the same name. She thinks the result is quite ingenious, and rightly so. The performance socks from Switzerland are unisex and one-size, but fit sizes 36 to 46 perfectly. This fact alone makes them more environmentally friendly because you practically can't grab the wrong size online, which minimises returns. Speaking of sustainability, the socks are 100% plastic-free. All the manufacturers are WRAP-certified and thus stand for ethically and ecologically high standards. 

We are also impressed by the fact that the brand takes a stand on so many important issues and has officially declared a diverse, inclusive and anti-racist work culture as company policy. OPEND stands for boundless openness. But also for boundless performance: not least, the socks are made for runners, because the use of special yarns prevents any kind of friction. By the way, the signature loop at the back is incredibly practical when taking them off. Ingenious.