Minimal plastic running gear.

Does sportswear really always have to be made of cheap plastic? The label runamics, based in Northern Germany, answers this question with a clear no. The fabrics processed by runamics do not live 300 years longer than their wearers - in other words: they do not produce harmful microplastics in the laundry. runamics manufactures sustainably in Germany, Poland and Portugal. Functional natural and regenerated fibres as well as innovative, biodegradable polymers are used.

The look of runamics' running clothes is unagitated and cool. And so timeless that they even do without collections. Instead, the pieces are always being developed further. The founders Robbie and Steffen say they don't just want to create products, but draw attention to the problematic status quo. They want to make a real difference by driving a change in values in the world of consumption. Their motto: GOOD VIBES RUNNING - no one in this world should run with a guilty conscience.