With maximum transparency against greenwashing.

VIDAR Sport is a Frankfurt-based label for sustainable sportswear that is 100% plastic-free, fair and ecologically produced within the EU. The two founders, Rouven Kneipp and Christoph Behroz, are passionate athletes themselves and one day asked themselves whether performance wear also works in a sustainable way. They finally gave themselves the answer with their label. They accuse big companies of greenwashing and want to do better themselves.

What does that mean in concrete terms? For example, that VIDAR Sport makes the entire value chain transparent, fair and resource-conserving. This starts with the composition of the textiles. The brand relies on sustainable materials made from natural raw materials such as wood fibre. But this also applies to the place of production, working conditions, transport routes, the environmental impact during the use phase and finally disposal. In Norse mythology, Vidar is the god of the forest and a great warrior.