Running with attitude

It all started in September 2015 for Willpower, with a small online store and two T-shirts. Since then, Willpower has grown into a credible brand in the running scene - and not only among the eccentric characters for whom label founder Chris Zehetleitner has great sympathy. It was never his plan to make Willpower a big player in mass sports. On the contrary: he wanted to bring a little more individuality into the grey or, for his taste, far too garish mass of mass sport.

The inspiration for Willpower's simple pieces is obviously not the archetypal running nerd in high-tech neon functional shirts. Chris was influenced by the punk and hard rock scene and this influence can also be seen in the shirts, shorts and the like of his brand. In his eyes, many things are going wrong in the world and he wants to express this with his designs. In the process, the boundaries between "sport" and "casual" also dissolve. If you not only want to prove your style in every situation, but also show attitude, Willpower is the right choice for you.