Was meinen wir eigentlich, wenn wir GUT sagen? Eine Frage, auf die es mehr als eine Antwort gibt. Kurz gesagt: GUT FÜR DEN PLANETEN UND GUT FÜR DIE MENSCHEN. Wir glauben, dass zu einem wirklich guten Lauferlebnis auch gute Produkte gehören, die auf faire und nachhaltige Weise produziert werden, ohne Kompromisse bei Leistung, Qualität und Style einzugehen. Materialien, soziale Verantwortung des Unternehmens, Management und Markenwerte - all das sind Aspekte, die wir berücksichtigen, wenn wir THE GOOD RUN für dich kuratieren.

Ecological sustainability

When selecting products for our shop, we focus in particular on ecological and sustainable production. Topics here are the materials used, but also the CO2 emissions during transport, in order to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Ecological sustainability in relation to our products can mean, for example, that a product is plastic-free or that a reduced CO2 footprint has been achieved through the use of recycled materials. Individual companies can also do a lot: green shipping, environmentally friendly packaging, not overproducing or not offering "Black Friday" deals. There are so many approaches here. We don't want to pick one, but give you a choice.

Economic sustainability

Of course, THE GOOD RUN has to make a certain profit in order to exist. But maximizing profit at all costs is not our ambition - and we expect the same from the companies we work with. Instead of filling shareholders and investors pockets, we look for owner-managed good companies that don't put profit over people and planet. We walk the talk by founding THE GOOD RUN as a self-owned social enterprise that can not be sold. Building a sustainable business is the ultimate goal, not increasing and maximizing profits.

SOCIAL sustainability

Fairness and justice are not only important to THE GOOD RUN internally, but also to the companies we work with. We are interested in where profits from good work end up and who individually benefits from it. Respectful treatment of people, fair and equal pay, good working conditions, a commitment to inclusion and diversity - all of this counts for us. In addition, as a social enterprise, we want to work towards solving social and societal problems in the long term. Our profits are primarily used to finance programs that pursue these goals, too.


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